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Personal, Long-Term Wealth Management

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The Stifel Difference

Your finances and investments deserve to be handled with care. I leverage my investment experiences along with Stifel’s resources to craft an approach best suited to help you pursue your goals.
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My priority is to ensure that clients are comfortable with what they are investing in and understand the purpose of their investments.  This is established through education and transparency, which are two key elements in forming the trust that underpins each client relationship.  Generally, I favor investments with a potential for growth, as historically these have led to higher returns.  However, I work with clients to design bespoke investment portfolios that are aligned with their unique needs.
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My philosophy is to maintain a long-term mindset and implement strategies and investment products that have demonstrated a history of providing attractive returns. I also believe in remaining flexible to accommodate new information and trends shaped by technology. The investment world is always evolving, and I enjoy educating clients on new ways to potentially enhance their investments.
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